Kardashian Insider Alleges Kris Made Kim Sell Her Sex Tape in New Novel

If I ever made a sex tape, which I haven’t, I would really not want my mother to know about it. And if she did know about it, I think the last thing I’d want is for her to basically force me to sell it to an adult video company. If that happened I’d probably hurl myself off the side of a building.

This is exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian, according to a new, thinly-veiled memoir by her former friend Kevin Dickson that was acquired by Page Six.

In an excerpt seen by Page Six, a woman named Zia Zandrian (who has a whole lot in common with Kardashian) calls an editor named Chauncey Toliver (who has whole lot in common with Dickson) and announces that she’s just gotten paid $5 million for a sex tape.

In the book — billed for legal reasons as a “fairy tale” — Toliver says, “I thought you didn’t want to release it?,” to which Zandrian replies, “I don’t. But like Mom says, when else am I likely to earn $5 million? Like, what if I pass this up and I never get the chance again?”

When Toliver tries to talk her out of it, Zandrian says, “It’s too late, Chauncey … The tape is going to come out anyway. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. At least this way, I’m rich.”

That’s pretty cold if it’s true. There have been rumors that this is how it went down for years, but this seems pretty close to confirmation. As close as we’re going to get, at least.

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