Kylie Jenner Gives Fans One Last Thirst Trap for 2019

It’s almost a New Year, which means Baby New Year will be riding through the sky on Santa’s flaming corpse to bring untold horrors unless we can shoot him out of the sky with fireworks.

It also means lots of tributes to the previous year, like Barack Obama’s list of his favorite movies which has Booksmart and not Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, which means he’s about as good at watching movies as he is at closing Guantanamo Bay and not killing Iraqi civilians.

Kylie Jenner, however, knows what we really want to end the year with: another look at her boobs. So she posted what she called one last thirst trap for 2019 on her Instagram.

I’m here for it. And I think it deserves a look back and the best of Kylie’s boobie Instagram posts of the year.

Halloween is sort of like Veteran’s Day for thots.

That dress is being held in place by sheer willpower.

Ah, summer.

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