Nick Cannon Dares Eminem to Give Him Some Clout

Last week, Eminem poured some gas on his feud with Nick Cannon in a feature on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above” where he called Nick “neutered” and “whipped”. Nick’s ex-wife is Mariah Carey who Eminem traded diss tracks with a decade a go. Let’s just say after his track, Mariah Carey didn’t mention that feud every again.

Salivating, Nick Cannon went into the studio the other day, puckered his lips and tried to suck as much clout out of Eminem as he could. In his diss track featuring a jailed Suge Knight, Cannon claimed Eminem fired his chauffeur because he filmed Eminem sucking dick.

Instead of wasting his time on making a diss track that Nick would have treated as a love letter, Eminem just responded on Twitter.

Nick, still trying to chase that clout, invited Eminem to his show Wild ‘n Out in the most cringiest way possible. I think he literally sat down and thought about how he could make this awkward for everyone.

The only way Nick Cannon can bury Eminem is if Eminem watches this and dies from secondhand embarrassment.

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