Paul Rudd is Officially as Old as Wilford Brimley Was in ‘Cocoon’

The Brimley/Cocoon Line is 18,530 days, the exact age Wilford Brimley was when the movie Cocoon opened in theaters. If you don’t understand why this is significant, Cocoon is a movie about really old people in a retirement home. Brimley was not a retiree in the film, but let’s just say he was no spring chicken, either.

A Twitter account, @BrimleyLine, keeps track of when celebrities pass this line and yesterday, December 30th, was Paul Rudd’s day.

Here’s a picture of Brimley at age 50 for comparison.

Celebrities take way better care of themselves today.

Brimley even sent out a congratulatory tweet.

Brimley was 50 in Cocoon, if you’re wondering.

Salma Hayek crossed the line three years ago, and Jennifer Lopez is a few months away.

Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger crosses the line over 20 years ago, around the time he was in Jingle All The Way.

People love to joke about all the reasons why celebrities today look younger, like Paul Rudd being a vampire, but the answer is pretty unexciting: Botox was first used cosmetically in 1996 and approved by the FDA for this usage in 2002. They’re just getting more work done and doctors are better at it now because of all the practice they had on Joan Rivers.

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