Philadelphia Eagles Cover Spread Over Washington Redskins With Last Second TD

Good job Philadelphia Eagles. The NFL team came into the game with the Washington Redksins as a 4.5-5 point favorite. Carso Wentz’s touchdown with 26 seconds left put the Eagles up 31-27, only a 4 point lead that wasn’t covering the spread.

The Redskins came back and had a chance at a last second Hail Mary. That’s when the Eagles blitzed, sacked Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who fumbled. That would’ve been the end of the game, except the Eagles recovered and ran it in for a touchdown. That last second fumble return gave the Eagles the win 37-27 and helping them cover the spread.

The best news coming out of this game is that the Dallas Cowboys have even less a chance to get into the playoffs.

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