Sexy ‘Maxim’ Model Elizabeth Pipko Says She Lost Work For Being a Trump Supporter

Everyone seems to be hyper-aware of politics right now. This is possibly a side-effect of social media, but whatever the cause, people seem obsessed with making sure they only get their entertainment, clothes and even food from people who are on “their side.” It’s really created a toxic atmosphere.

Still, I was somewhat surprised to read model Elizabeth Pipko’s Fox News interview where she claims publicly supporting Donald Trump has cost her modeling work.

“After I ‘came out’ [in support of President Trump] I noticed most of my modeling contacts quickly turn their backs on me,” she told us. “It’s super similar to Hollywood in that sense, so I was prepared for it.”

I just don’t get why anyone would care, her politics don’t make her any worse a model.

Who she’s planning to vote for was the furthest thing from my mind when I was looking at those pictures.

Honestly, she could vote for for someone way worse than Trump and I wouldn’t even care. You know, like Kanye West.

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Oopsy Doopsy
Oopsy Doopsy
3 years ago

Head to russia, you can find work there. Especially if you like chickpea.