Tana Mongeau’s Fake Relationship With Jake Paul Was ‘Unhealthy’ Says Influencer

One of the most common plots in romantic fiction is when two people enter into a fake relationship and then end up really falling in love. It’s the plot of the Audrey Hepburn movie Sabrina, the famous 80s rom-com Can’t Buy Me Love, beloved-before-it-turned-to-s**t Japanese anime and manga series Nisekoi and about a dozen Hallmark original movies that aired just this past year.

According to Mongeau’s newest YouTube video, it’s also the plot of her real life fake relationship with Jake Paul, only in real life it’s sad because as you know, Jake Paul is a giant asshole.

Here’s some of what Mongeau’s said, via E!.

“It was fun and funny to make the clout jokes and make Jake laugh and make Jake probably think that I cared about clout,” she said. “But it was a lot more than that and it’s my fault for not expressing that…I wanted to be what he wanted, which looking back is also so unhealthy.”

Normally I don’t like to anthropomorphize YouTubers, but that’s actually pretty sad.

Their relationship began to unravel from there. Though she agreed to have an open relationship, she assumed it would eventually lead to something monogamous and more serious. “I wanted to be the cool girlfriend that he never had,” she explained. “I feel like an open relationship to Jake was him still being able to have sex with a new bitch every night.”

Folks, the main reason open relationships are a bad idea is that someone always wins. And losing to Jake Paul is really embarrassing.

“I wish every day him and I could get back to the way we were because it was magic,” Tana confessed. “But I don’t know if everything that’s happened will ever allow that. All I know, if I do know one thing, is that I can’t look like someone’s bitch for any longer. And I just want Jake to be happy. I don’t want to hold him back.”

Of all the things I’m not surprised about that happened in 2019, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul not making it to 2020 is maybe the least surprising. Well, The Rise of Skywalker being terrible might top it, who didn’t see that coming?

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