This Instagram Model Fought Off a Robber While She Was Completely Naked

I sleep mostly naked, and my girlfriend sleeps entirely naked. It’s not great when you stumble out of bed and run into someone in that state. It would be pretty terrifying to run into an armed robber with all your bits hanging out, but that’s exactly happened to Instagram model Danii Banks in security footage obtained by TMZ.

The intruder forced her to open a safe, which was empty, then pushed her into her bed before running off. She filed a police report and they find that a side entrance showed signs of being forced open.

Of course, some people are saying the scene looks staged, but calling the cops if it was staged would be a terrible idea and Banks denies it was set up.

She’s not letting the incident or the speculation get her down, though, clearly.

Love to run around in the snow in a bikini.

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