Zach Braff’s Hot, Young Girlfriend Has the Perfect Response to the Busybody Who Said He Was Too Old For Her

Zach Braff’s girlfriend Florence Pugh is about half his age, which is great considering no one has really liked anything he’s done since Scrubs. We should all be so lucky. And they’re kind of cute like how Zach posted a queen emoji on an Instagram post Pugh made of herself outside of iconic LA eatery Greenblat’s Deli.

Not everyone thinks it’s cute though, and a woman who I’m guessing owns at least one wine glass that says “smash the patriarchy” on it chimed in to tell Braff “you’re 44 years old.”

Pugh stepped in with the perfect reply, telling the troll “and yet he got it.”

He got that.

It seems like we’re always having this discussion about age gaps in relationships, and I’d like to just say that not only are they fine, they’re better. There’s more to talk about and the sex is better because one of you has stamina and the other one actually knows what they’re doing.

Also, you know, 23-year-old women are adults with their own agency, not children who need to be protected from the dude who sang ‘Guy Love.’

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4 years ago

When I (a female) was 22 I dated a 36yr old recent divorcee for about six months. It was overwhelmingly based on sex. When we had conversations the gap was glaring. He’d be talking about some crazy mid-80’s frat boy antics and I’d be thinking “Lol, I was starting preschool”. Anyways, he was hot. It was fun while it lasted.

4 years ago

Spot on – I find it amazing that people think they have the right to run commentary on anyone else’s relationship.