A UC Berkeley Student Spat in Logan Paul’s Face

The other day, a UC Berkeley student spat in Logan Paul’s face as she ran past him and then giggled maniacally.

Paul ended up confronting her and telling her he had nothing but love for her. She apologized but made it clear she does not respect him. Then she asked if her jacket looks nice. The interaction was filmed and posted on TikTok for clout. Honestly, everyone here is awful.

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Trevor Sedis
Trevor Sedis
2 years ago

>”Paul…had nothing but love for her. She… does not respect him”

The Age-of-Feminism where women abuse men with impunity while having guys jailed for merely “looking funny” at females.

You see why, after 50 years of men never holding women accountable, females can ruin men’s lives with one lying phone call to cops.

The biggest babies in the world are straight Euro-American males. They are eager doormats for vaginates.

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