Even Antonio Brown’s Agent is Ditching Him

For those of you who don’t remember or couldn’t care less, Antonio Brown is an NFL wide receiver who had a promising career before throwing it all away in a series of temper tantrums and bags of dicks. He bounced through three teams in a year before ultimately being let go from the New England Patriots after sexual assault allegations. The joke’s on him because the Pittsburgh Steelers, his ex-team, don’t release people for those crimes. Right, Ben?

Brown’s antics on and off the field – and especially on Twitter – have many questioning the player’s mental health, and so is his superstar agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus is no stranger to controversial clients, which makes this news seem even more dreary for Brown.

NFL insider Adam Schefter first reported on Twitter:

Agent Drew Rosenhaus conditionally terminated his relationship with Antonio Brown today until the free-agent WR seeks counsel, per an NFLPA source. Rosenhaus wrote in the letter that the NFLPA received today that he would like to work with Brown, but not until he first gets help.

For Brown, this is just another step in his downward spiral from potential Hall of Fame wide receiver to Walmart cashier who’s one disciplinary action away from being fired.

People reacting on Twitter think that Rosenhaus is trying to get out of working with Brown altogether and has no interest in a further relationship even if he does get help. Those conspiracy theories will only continue to gain traction as it is almost certain that Brown will shun the idea of counseling.

As for Brown, he says he’s done with the NFL, a claim he’s made multiple times before. The football player is looking to make a move to boxing, challenging YouTube star and celebrity boxer Logan Paul on Twitter.

In an industry full of sleazy deal makers with greased back hair, there is no doubt that Brown will find another agent who cares more about his money than his mental health, and this saga will continue to spiral downward.

With legal woes and continued bizarre behavior like recording himself berating police officers in a profanity-laden tirade, Brown’s future is up in the air. Perhaps the best thing that could happen to him would be some time away from the outside world to get his head straight. One thing is for sure, until he gets the help he needs, he won’t be stepping on another NFL field.

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