Antonio Brown Dropped a Rap Video About Butts and Money

Earlier this season, the New England Patriots signed and almost immediately released wide receiver Antonio Brown amid accusations that Brown raped his trainer. Now the Patriots lost in the Wild Card round of the playoffs and Brown released a new rap video full of big asses, so it’s safe to say Brown came out ahead here.

Well, okay, that was terrible. I mean truly terrible on an entirely new level. I’ve never heard something so heavily auto-tuned be out of tune before. And those lyrics; oh boy those lyrics.

Whole lotta money, whole lotta money
I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money
I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money
I gotta whole lotta money, you can’t hold nothin’ from me

That must have taken him weeks to think of. You know, because of the concussions. The best part of this song is that the lyrics are annotated on LyricGenius.

Also, we all realize Brown will be back in the NFL before Colin Kaepernick, right? Those are our priorities, rape isn’t as bad as kneeling during a song to protest police brutality.

Still, those asses are pretty nice.

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