British Racists Chase Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Out of Country, Royal Family

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One of the hardest parts of the decorum expected of the Royal Family is that you can’t just say “Oh, Katie Hopkins? Yeah, she’s a bloody cunt. And a Nazi.” You know, because it would be besmirching Prince Phillip’s favorite relatives.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle announced they’re stepping away from their royal duties and moving to Canada.

I assume it’s Canada at any rate, they still worship the queen there and it’s not like they’re going to get less racism in America.

Let’s look at some of the comments this announcement attracted.

You meghan causes a rift in this family and you know that…before you came,all this family love and respect eachother…you change the rules and i know you dont care it because you have no idea about this family and you come from nowhere aven nothing…Im sorry for you…you have problem with every of your family and poor harry’s family and old friend…think for a second…maybe you are THE PROBLEM

Before Meghan Markle came, the Royal Family loved and respected each other. Someone hasn’t seen The Crown. Or The Queen.

this has got to be treason. You can’t just resign. You’re born into it.

Or The King’s Speech.

They (or Meghan) couldn’t stand being below Harry’s brother and Kate. So disrespectful. Now Meghan can have her own “show”. I am so sorry for William and Kate.

This is the worst thing the sibling of the successor to the Crown has ever done! Okay, maybe second worst.

Yeah, I don’t blame them for wanting a reduced role.

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2 years ago

Ahh the old racism card, played every time there’s no real issue.

Look how well calling all those labour voters racist over the last 20 years did Labour in UK.

She and now Harry have brought this on themselves. I feel so sorry for Harry, as it seems he’s being led astray by Megan. She has no relationship with most of her family and now Harry will be in the same boat!

The reason they want to control who they speak with is so they can control what is said about them…….ie control the truth!

2 years ago

cut the money off, she can go back to acting and he can be a mooch living off his mothers memory, what every money they have will run out soon enough considering how neither of them has held a day job for a long time

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