Cameron Diaz Retired and No One Noticed

Cameron Diaz was a superstar from the start, jumping from modeling to big gigs in movies like The Mask and There’s Something About Mary.

She maintained a relatively high profile through the 2000s, but her star has been on the downfall in the past decade. The final blow came when she and Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden had a kid, and Diaz decided to be Mrs. Domestic.

According to Page Six, a friend of Diaz’s says that motherhood trumps everything else in the actress’ life:

“They tried forever to get pregnant. They did acupuncture, special diets, IVF, supplements. They went to the best fertility doctors. They tried to adopt. Nothing worked. But for Cam, this was her priority over acting, doing books, any kind of career. She was compelled.”

An unnamed and likely entirely fictional “studio executive” is quoted as saying:

“There was no studio who wouldn’t hire her [when she was still acting]. “They’d hire her now. They’d develop projects especially for her. But she always passes.”

As for Diaz, it’s clear that she is enjoying taking on a new role as a mother. She recently uploaded a message to Instagram gushing about her new baby and asking her fans for privacy.

Can we be honest? Good for Cameron Diaz, I’m glad she’s happy, but does anyone care? Honestly, what was the last Cameron Diaz movie that anyone talked about? There is nothing wrong with the actress choosing to live a normal life with her family, but we shouldn’t act like it’s going to be a significant loss to the cinematic world.

Where Diaz is at in her career is also a rough spot for actresses, so it may be that she is playing it smart and taking this time away from the spotlight to return to more mature rolls later. If she does, you can bet that I won’t watch those movies either. Until then, enjoy your retirement Cameron, and we’ll all continue to forget that you were once one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

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Everly Bohdy
Everly Bohdy
4 years ago

The author of this article clearly has some sort of ridiculous animosity towards CD. People noticed her missing from Hollywood. We noticed. But we, being fans and from the same generation as her, didn’t get all out of sorts about it or make a big deal because we are more mature than that. This author, on the other hand, is clearly hate-biased and an obvious immature idiot. Wow. Who even writes garbage like this? Clearly someone who doesn’t have a life of their own. This article is distasteful and ridiculous.