Cedric Bixler-Zavala of Mars Volta is Accusing Scientologists of Killing his Dog Over Danny Masterson Claims

As you may know, Danny Masterson has been accused of raping 4 women, accusations that caused him to lose his role on The Ranch and he hasn’t had an acting gig since. Our lawyers tell us that we do not believe these outrageous lies and we’re sure the truth will win out. Our lawyers have also added that the idea that the Church of Scientology used their wealth and influence to mastermind some sort of cover-up is completely unfounded and absolutely not something you should believe, because it isn’t true.

Loudwire reported some new accusations against the church and Masterson by singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala, whose wife is one of the women accusing Masterson of rape, that we’re sure are equally untrue.

The vocalist believes the Church of Scientology is behind the loss of both of his dogs. He uploaded a photo on Instagram of a chunk of raw meat that had rat poisoning stuffed inside. “This is what I’ve been finding in my front and backyard. This is what scientology does when you speak about the predators they protect,” he wrote.

The ASPCA later confirmed to the couple that the dog had ingested flavored rat poisoning.  “We had to put her down today,” Bixler-Zavala wrote in another Instagram post, in memoriam of their dog. “This was the result of eating rat poison rolled up in raw meat. This is the 2nd dog we’ve had to put down due to the harassment from private investigators and Scientologists. This only makes us stronger.”

That is really messed up and it’s the sort of thing only an absolute monster would do. Luckily, it was probably just a mishap. I’m guessing an errant cow just rolled around in some rat poison, butchered itself and fell into Cedric’s yard because it couldn’t stand the thought of how much its farts were contributing to global warming. It’s really the only explanation that makes sense, if you think about it.

He also made a statement on Instagram about the incident.

We definitely do not endorse listening to this podcast, and this is absolutely not consistent with stories people have been telling about the church for decades.

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