Charlotte Flair and Andrade Are Engaged

Pro wrestlers dating each other is a relatively recent phenomenon. I mean, that we know about, at least. There was Triple H and Chyna, but he dumped her out of nowhere and then he married Stephanie McMahon, but that’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head. Every other example involves a manager or executive or something. But I also haven’t watched a lot of pro wrestling in the past twenty years, so I could be wrong.

Charlotte Flair, the daughter of legendary wrestler Ric Flair and a ten-time WWE champion in her own right just got engaged to WWE US Champion Andrade, making what I’m pretty sure is wrestling’s biggest power couple. You know, aside from HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

Flair announced the engagement on her Instagram with just one word.

She has a lot of pictures of them together on her Instagram, honestly, which isn’t that surprising.

They even do couples’ costumes.

This will be Flair’s third marriage, but I think she’s found the right guy this time.

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