Check Out the Tattoo Vanessa Hudgens Got on her Boob

Vanessa Hudgens is newly single after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Austin Butler, with Hollywood Life reporting the reason for their split was simply not being able to spend enough time together.

“They had to spend too much time apart the last few months, that’s what did it. Vanessa was so busy with back to back projects that she was hardly home. And Austin has been just as busy with work. He’s doing a movie in Australia [Elvis biopic] and he’s had to be over there on and off for months doing pre-production. They are very good when they are together. But when they’re apart, that is when things get tough and they were apart for months,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Aww, that’s sad, I wanted it to work out for them. Still, nine years is a long time, you can’t say they didn’t have a good run, especially since they’re both only around 30.

Hudgens has been spotted around town with NBA player Kyle Kuzma of the LA Lakers since the break-up. She also showed off a new tattoo on Instagram.

I’m not a huge fan about tattoos, but something about this one really appeals to me.

Of course Hudgens has never been shy on being sexy.

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