Could Brad and Jennifer be Getting Back Together? People Sure Seem to Hope So

1999 was a simpler time; the president was the good kind of sex offender, we were in way fewer unwinnable Middle Eastern military quagmires and we still had almost 20 years to stop climate change. I understand why people want to go back to it. And the latest grasp at reliving the 90s is hoping against hope and whispering of a dream that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get back together.

Since the exes were spotted catching up at the Screen Actor’s Guild awards, all the internet can talk about how they’re totally going to get back together, you guys, and also the Earth is flat and vaccines are bad for you. None of these things are true, by the way.

But we’re so caught up in the idea that Page Six talked to a body language expert about their relationship. You may as well just have a voodoo priestess cut off a chicken’s head but let’s see what they had to say.

“It’s completely mutual and that’s what’s so beautiful about it,” Glass said in a phone interview Tuesday. “They’re completely connected.”

When Aniston, 50, and Pitt, 56, first saw each other backstage, Glass said, their eye contact was like “two magnets reaching towards each other.”

She added, “They were exactly in sync in one another’s eyes, and that’s huge.”

None of that means anything other than they’re both in their 50s and they used to bone so why not go for it again? You’ve never wanted to call your college sweetheart for a little hubba hubba?

And it’s kind of romantic to imagine lovers who couldn’t make it work finding each other again later in life; that’s basically the plot of Love in the Time of Cholera, after all. But I don’t think It’s going to happen here. Brad Pitt is old and rich enough to date women literally a third his age, so I don’t think the fact that he smiled when his ex-wife won an award means all that much.

If you really want to see a romance get rekindled, go message your recently single ex on Facebook like everyone else.

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3 years ago

Yawn. But I guess this will be the story for awards season to keep them both in our minds. After the Oscars are over, this all ends. Quickly. Just like the Bradley Cooper-Gaga nonsense did last awards season.