Demi Lovato Broke Down Before Singing ‘Anyone’ at the Grammys and Had to Restart Her Song

Demi Lovato has had a tough life. At the Grammys yesterday, she debuted a new song, “Anyone”, that she wrote 4 days before Lovato’s overdose in 2018.

Lovato started to cry before singing, turned to her pianist and started over. The emotion was too much. Lovato sang the song with tears streaming down her face.

It was Lovato’s first performance in over 18 months. She looks good now, like she’s in a healthy place. Obviosuly you can’t judge from the outside. Hopefully, she’ll pull through again this time.

I wonder how Wilmer Valderrama’s recent engagement to model Amanda Pacheco affects her. They were there for each other. If I’m not mistaken, Valderrama raced to be by her side when she overdosed. Who’s her rock now? Good luck to Lovato, addiction is hard to kick. She should stay addicted to muay thai and replace drugs with that.

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4 years ago

Hot mess. But mostly just a mess.