Did Jeffree Star Break Up With His Long-Time Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt?

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau may not be the only big YouTube celebrity couple to be going through a breakup. If you haven’t heard of Jeffree Star, he’s probably the reason that your girlfriend knows how to put makeup on properly and his fans are worried he might be going through a bad breakup.

Star was meant to head out on a tour to teach people how to use makeup in person today, but he cancelled the tour for “personal reasons” at the last minute.

And Page Six reports that Star has avoided social media except for taking “wife of Nathan” out of bio. MMMMitchell, who was going on the tour with Star, didn’t confirm anything but did say Star was going through some emotional pain.

“I feel so many emotions because I feel so upset that the tour’s not going ahead, but I also feel upset because my friend’s upset,” he shared. “The worst part is that it really can’t be helped and these feelings that Jeffree is feeling, I wish that I could just make them go away.”

Star’s fans aren’t taking the potential break-up well, either.

You know how people got all crazy over two Star Wars characters not being in a relationship? It’s even weirder when it’s real people they’re freaking out about.

I mean, I get it, you like the dude’s YouTube videos and want him to be happy, that makes sense. The amount of your personality that should be invested in the relationship of these people, however, is zero.

And if Amy Poehler and Will Arnett couldn’t make it work then love is worth believing in anyway.

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