Green Day Drop a Bunch of F-Bombs During NBC’s NHL All-Star Game Performance

Green Day performed at the NHL All-Star game today and were on brand, throwing a bunch of “fucks” into the NBC broadcast.

Throughout their performance of “American Idiot,” Billie Joe Armstrong shouted “Get your fucking hands in the air!” and twice a “Let’s go fucking crazy.”

They also changed the “American Idiot” original lyric “Well maybe I’m the f****t America” to “fuckhead America.”

NBC seems to have bleeped Green Day during the original broadcast because the audio track with the swearing comes off a second audio track.

Green Day have the official NHL anthem song, “Fire, Ready, Aim”. I haven’t understood why Green Day and NHL have a partnership. Is there a big overlap between their fanbases?

They also have their new album Father of All Motherfuckers coming out February 7th.

Thankfully, we still have Green Day around to make things interesting.

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