Kids React to a Creepy 60-Year-Old Making Out With an Intoxicated Lia Marie Johnson

If you were a fan of the Fine Brothers React series on YouTube, you might recognize Lia Marie Johnson, one of the early breakout stars of Kids React and Teens React. She’s an adult now, and a brunette.

People are worried about her after a very strange Instagram Live stream where a man believed to be her producer took her phone from her and ended the stream.

This was after they had been making out, he doesn’t seem happy to have been caught on stream.

This person, according to internet consensus, appears to be her producer Steven Wetherbee, who has worked with her since she was around sixteen.

I must admit, it does look like him.

The question is, though, what the hell is going on?

Is Wetherbee taking advantage of Johnson here, like this tweet alleges?

It’s really impossible to say. We don’t know these people just because we saw them on a lot of videos. Someone called the police, presumably because they were worried about Johnson, but all that did was make whatever is going on with her worse.

Just an aside, it’s not a good idea to call the police to “help” someone with a mental illness or a drug problem. The police “helped” Lia in this instance by kicking her door down and putting her in handcuffs. She sounded really shook up by the incident, and definitely did more harm than good.

I can understand why someone might be concerned that Johnson’s producer is taking advantage of her, especially considering he worked with her from a young age and she appears to be in some sort of altered state of mind, though we can’t actually say that for certain, either.

Yeah, I remember when Lia was just a cute kid watching internet videos, too. I want her to be okay, too. But there’s nothing we can do about that. She’s an adult who can make her own decisions, even if they’re bad ones. All we can do is hope that if she needs help, she gets it.

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