Is Tom Brady Hinting That He’s Going to Retire?

Tom Brady is pretty old for an NFL player. At 42, he’s three years older than Eli Manning, who retired this year after 16 seasons and who will undoubtedly be a Hall of Fame selection the first year he’s eligible.

Brady has also clearly had a Hall of Fame career and though he’s said he wants to play until he’s 45, but one has to question what his aim is. The oldest player to play in the NFL is quarterback and kicker George Blanda, who was in the league until he was 48 years old, so Brady isn’t sticking around to become the oldest player ever. He’s also not likely to break Drew Brees’ record for career passing yards, seeing as how he’s 3000 yards behind him and Brees is still an active player and younger than Brady.

All of which makes the tweet Brady made tonight seem like he’s announcing his retirement soon.

A black and white photo of Brady walking out of an empty stadium. Any normal person would assume that this means he’s hanging it up.

But Brady has joked about retiring before. Like last year on April Fool’s Day.

This is January, though.

Brady could also just mean he’s leaving New England, which makes sense since he’ll be a free agent once the season ends. It could also simply be a negotiating tactic to try and get a better deal.

Or maybe he’s just sad he’ll be at home watching the guy who everyone knows is better than him play against the 49ers.

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