Kim Kardashian Wants to Start Her Own Law Firm

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it’s important to remember that before Kim Kardashian let Ray J, a C-list celebrity, give it to her on camera, she was just the friend in the background to fellow porn star Paris Hilton.

Since then, Kardashian has kept herself busy making money any way she can. Now in a move that isn’t at all driven by an insatiable need for attention, she has announced that she wants to start her own law firm.

Honestly, it’s a little hard to follow, but if you pay attention to politics, or Kanye’s craziness, or Kardashian herself, you may have heard that Kanye and Kim have been working with the President on prison reform.

Now, Kim’s taking it a step further. Caitlyn Jenner told OK! magazine that Kim “wants to start her own law firm” and continue her work on prison reform.

I want so badly to believe that Kim is somehow using this as another way to promote her brand, but she just seems so damn sincere. At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, she said:

“There are times when I could be frustrated and studying really late and have to get up and wonder how [my dad] did it, having four kids and must’ve been going through some of the same things that I have gone through.

She went on to say:

“I’m raising four black children that could face a situation like any of the people that I help.”

It’s a crazy world we live in and it is entirely possible that a reformed porn star may just step into the role of an activist that makes a real difference in the world. What’s more likely is that she will spend most of her time pleading with a judge for house arrest for whatever Kanye did this time.

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