Lizzo is 100% That Bitch Who Quit Twitter Because People Are Too Mean

For basically an entire decade whenever Conan O’Brien did his ‘If They Mated’ sketch, he did a joke that somehow had a clown and a prostitute having sex and the result being Christina Aguilera. I’m glad that happened before social media because I didn’t have to listen to Christina Aguilera bitch about how she was being bullied by toxic late-night hosts.

Completely unrelated to that last thought, Lizzo has left Twitter, claiming there are “too many trolls.”

I’m thinking it’s related to the fact that she was in a clearly more… let’s say sturdy chair than the hosts of the show.

Also, “Lizzo Stage Dive” is a meme on Twitter.

Seriously, that’s the first thing that autocompletes if you type Lizzo into Twitter’s search.

I get not wanting to be a meme but I kind of get tired of the whole “leave these poor millionaires alone, they have the right to use social media to promote themselves without having the rabble cut them down to size” articles these public declarations of leaving social media from celebrities usually garner.

That’s not even Tyler’s best tweet about cyber bullying.

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