Michael Che Joined Twitter Because He’s Still Mad a Former ‘Kimmel’ Writer Said ‘SNL’ Wasn’t Funny Six Months Ago

Jack Allison is a former Jimmy Kimmel Live! writer who co-hosts the very good Struggle Session podcast and has a Twitch channel. Which is to say Jack does okay but you wouldn’t expect the head writer of a network show that’s been on the air since Gerald Ford was president to obsess over for the better part of a year, and yet that’s exactly what Michael Che has done. I thought it was pretty weird when Che spent a day melting down about Jack making a mild criticism of SNL’s submission policy, but now, six months later, Che joined Twitter just to extend this fight. And it’s really not going well for him.

Che joined Twitter as @freddythumbs and made around 100 tweets in a single day, almost all of them about how not mad he is that a guy who is way less successful than him doesn’t like the terrible show he writes.


Get it? It’s a fat joke because Jack is a little heavy. That’s the kind of quality humor we can expect from the man who gave us this.

Honestly, though, the winner of the day was Allison’s Struggle Session co-host Leslie Lee.

That’s the shot, and here’s the chaser:

In retrospect, that was the moment we all should have realized that any hope of SNL having any edge or intelligent political commentary was just fucking gone. Dan Crenshaw is a racist piece of s**t and bringing him on to kiss his ass because some people got mad you made fun of him.

Really, honestly, this is how Che spent New Year’s Eve; getting on social media to gripe about people who say he isn’t funny. Dude needs a hobby. Someone get this dude some Pokémon cards so he seems like less of a loser.

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Zina Elsdon
Zina Elsdon
2 years ago

I have an issue with this idea that just because Che is doing well he can’t be hacked and irritated and spend time verbalising it like many of us do on social media. Sounds to me like people wanna abuse celebrities with impunity, as if they aren’t people too. I’m a HUGE Che fan. I find him brilliant and funny and cute af and I’ve seen him live and he was adorably sweet when we met him after the show. But even I don’t understand why he’s so obsessed with Jack Allison and his views on SNL. Jack’s initial comment… Read more »

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