MSNBC’s Alison Morris Blurted Out the N-Word When Talking About Kobe and the Lakers

MSNBC reporter Alison Morris had a slip of the tongue Sunday when talking about Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. During a report about Kobe’s death, Morris commented about how the former great was perfectly cast on the Los Angeles Lakers. But, instead of “Lakers”, she said the n-word. Ruh roh. Shut this s**t down.

Morris quickly went on Twitter to explain that she combined Lakers and the Knicks to say “Nakers”.

The only problem is “Nakers” has a “k” sound in it while what she said had a “igger” sound in it. She obviously rushed her excuse because it would have made way more sense if she said she combined the Knicks and Lakers and said “Knickers”. MSNBC should have consulted their in-house subtle racist to craft this apology.

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4 years ago