Nate Diaz Says the Conor McGregor Donald Cerrone Fight Was Fixed

Call Nate Diaz skeptical about the Conor McGregor’s win over Donald Cerrone last night. If you don’t know, McGregor TKO’d Cerrone in 40 seconds. It started off with shoulder strikes and ended up with Cerrone in a fetal position with Conor throwing down left bombs onto him.

Everyone lost their minds over the win. All except Diaz. Diaz tweeted out that the fight was “weak as f**k” and “This shits alll fake.”

Classic Diaz. But is it smart? Diaz has fought McGregor twice. The first one ended in a submission win for Diaz. Their next fight went to a decision in McGregor’s favor.

Diaz made $2 million in disclosed pay for their previous fight, plus an unknown amount on PPV bonuses.

Diaz’s only money fight is against McGregor or a rematch against Jorge Masvidal, whom he lost to last year.

Why even suggest the McGregor fight is fixed? Diaz should keep pumping McGregor up and get those eyeballs, and money, for a trilogy fight with him.

To date, there’s never been proof of a fixed fight in UFC. There have been lots of rumors though. Yet, it’s hard to believe that Donald Cerrone would ever take a fall.

This is a case of Diaz being Diaz.

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