No One Has Ever Been Less Happy To Be at a Football Game Than Rob Lowe

The second act of Rob Lowe’s career happened thanks to his role as indefatigably optimistic and happy Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, which is why it was such a shock to see him at Sunday’s NFC Championship game looking more bored than I’ve ever seen anyone at a football game that didn’t involve the Cleveland Browns. On top of that, Lowe was in a  basic hat with the NFL logo on it.

This is a man who does not know what the letters NFL stand for and might cut anyone who tries to tell him. And this was early in the game, well before it became clear that the 49ers were going to just dominate the Packers for four quarters.

I can’t get over the hat, it reminds me too much of Homer Simpson waving a pennant that just says “TV Sports” on it.

Lowe was there with his son so that Joe Buck could point him out and casually mention that his new show, 911 Lone Star, was airing after the game.

I’m honestly still stuck on the NFL hats. Why would anyone other than Roger Goodell even want one of those? Was he contractually obligated to wear it? I think wearing that hat might have been the worst decision Lowe has ever made.

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