Odell Beckham Jr. is a Free Man, And He’s Celebrating By Publicly Creeping on His Model Girlfriend’s Instagram

One of the dumbest things that’s happened all year has been Odell Beckham Jr. being arrested for slapping a cop on the ass in the locker room and charged with, and I’m not kidding, sexual battery. It was insanity and it’s really good that it went away once the cop realized he would be mocked and hated in equal parts for the rest of his life if he pressed charges against Beckham, which he declined to do.

With the charges against him dropped, Beckham did what any one of would do in his position and started flirting with his model girlfriend Lauren Wood on Instagram.

Beckham left a comment on this post of Wood in his short saying “Finger long azzzzhailll !! 😭😭😭 “Get a grip…””

I can see why he’d want to keep her happy.

And good for them. I hope things work out for them.

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