Odell Beckham Jr. Wanted by Police for Slapping Security Guard on the Ass

Odell Beckham Jr.’s season was trash because Baker Mayfield can’t pass the ball and now it’s gotten worse. Beckham is wanted for slapping a Superdome security guard on the ass after LSU’s win over Clemson in the college football championship game on Monday.

Beckham, an LSU alum, looks like he was really, really happy. No wonder since LSU last won the title in 2007. He was also seen celebrating with Karl Malone on the field, trying to move Malone out of the post.

New Orleans police issued a warrant for Beckham’s arrest. The charge? Simple battery which Louisiana defines as battery committed without the consent of the victim. Now, why didn’t Beckham ask for consent to slap that guard’s ass?

That brings up another question. When players slap each other’s ass on the field, is that battery? I would love to hear one of these guys ask his teammate, “May I slap your bottom to celebrate that great play you made?”

It would make football a very polite sport. They will still have CTE though, so next, they should ask for permission to tackle. Not a hard tackle either, just cradle the opposing player and lay him gently down on the field.

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