Onision’s Kid Fell Out of a Window and It’s Looking Shady

As previously reported here, YouTuber Onision, real name Gregory Jackson,  has come under suspicion of having a penchant for underage girls. Whether it is true or not, one scroll through the guy’s YouTube page is all you need to see that he’s a creep on a massive level. Now it turns out that he isn’t just shitty while the cameras are on, that’s his factory setting.

Now, Newsweek uncovered a story that happened back in September where Onision’s daughter reportedly fell out of a second-story window. In most cases, this would sound like a tragic accident.

Still, there are some pieces that don’t add up like Child Protective Services having been called on this slimeball in the past and anonymous tips to a school principal that the kids have been suffering abuse for years. The most disturbing detail about this sad incident was when police showed up, Onision was taking pictures of the aftermath of the accident. When police questioned why he would be taking photographs, Onision said it was to show a doctor to prove he didn’t do it.

Whether he did it or not, it’s pretty evident that the kids need to be removed from that situation. At the very least, Onision should be charged with neglect, but I think we’d all be better off if this Gary Glitter wannabe was castrated and locked in a cell until his very existence is wiped from our collective minds. We could all hope that his constant threats to quit YouTube come to fruition, but given they are cries for attention, that isn’t likely.

Hopefully, Chris Hansen’s work to catch this predator will end up with Onision behind bars, but until then, let’s ignore this dumpster fire of a human being and hope that the justice system and karma both do their jobs.

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