Rebel Wilson is Thin and Hot Now…Well, She’s Thin Now

Rebel Wilson became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig in 2011 and it apparently just kicked in like eight and a half years later.

Wilson’s personal trainer showed off the actress’s progress on his Instagram account.

Well, she’s not going to be the gay guy’s fat best friend in movies anymore, but I don’t think she’s quite up to leading lady, either.

I tried to see what the reaction on the internet was, but no one cares because everyone is still just talking about how she rips her skin off and has an outfit underneath it in Cats. That really happens.

I suppose once you’re in a scene that nightmare-inducing no one is going to be featuring you in their fantasies anyway. I guess you could fantasize about her unzipping herself and Kristen Stewart walking out, that’d be kind of hot.

I kid, but Wilson’s career is really taking off, she’s starring in Pooch Perfect, an Australian dog grooming reality TV show. Well, she’s also sold a script called Pitch Perfect But With Asians Seoul Girls about aspiring K-Pop singers, because who understands Korean teenagers better than a 40-year old white lady.

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