‘Sports Illustrated’ Rookie Marquita Pring Says Shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch was Traumatic

Marquita Pring is one of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s rookies for 2020 and she told The New York Post she was inspired to become a model after seeing Crystal Renn in Cosmo. Now she’ll be the one inspiring a whole new generation of models.

People still want to highlight their use of plus-sized models like Pring, but it’s pretty common place nowadays, and Pring herself had some issues with the term.

“To me the term ‘plus size’ is completely outdated and just unnecessary,” she said. “I immediately think, ‘Plus what? There’s an average, normal size that we should all be and anything more than that needs to be called something different?’ You’re your size — and that’s it.”

She also told The Post a story about being traumatized buying clothes in her younger days.

“Looking back at shopping experiences with my friends, I remember crying my eyes out because at Abercrombie or American Eagle I couldn’t fit into anything,” she recalled. “The biggest sizes wouldn’t even go up above my knees. It was traumatizing.”

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