Tana Mongeau’s $48 Perfume Appears to be Cheap Chinese Crap

Tana Mongeau is taking the end of her fake relationship with Jake Paul pretty well, all things considered. After going on about how hard it was for her, she seems to have moved on to selling perfume to make you smell like a hooker pretty quickly.

She really does say her inspiration for Tana by Tana, a nearly $50 a bottle perfume, was cheap perfume from big-box stores that make you smell like a hooker. Damon Fizzy also pointed out that that perfume comes in cheap bottles from Alibaba.

That is an exact match. Tana says she looked though 1000 different bottles to pick one that perfectly represents her. I guess it’s lucky her brand is “cheap hooker.”

Yeah, I absolutely believe she smells like a hooker.

Despite all of this, Tana by Tana sold out almost immediately because of course it did.

This is the hot girl equivalent of those “male vitality” pills Alex Jones sells. At least the crap Kylie Jenner puts her name on is high quality.

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