Taylor Swift Threw Justin Bieber Out of a Gym

There has been some bad blood between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift over the way Bieber has seemingly sided with Scooter Braun, the music industry’s greatest humanitarian, over the rights to Swift’s master tapes of her old albums. I don’t know what she’s so mad about, all her fans are going to buy all those albums a second time when she re-records them anyway, she’s going to make a mint.

But if you were wondering who the bigger star was, it appears to be Swift, who demanded a gym that Justin Bieber was working out at be shut down so she could work out there.

TMZ, who reported on the incident, said that Swift had an appointment that included renting the whole gym, but it still seems like a power move to me.

On the other hand, going “Naw, we’re good, Taylor Swift can wait until we’re done” and then dicking around is also a power move.

This just begs the question, though; if you’re Taylor Swift and you need the gym cleared out for you to do squats or whatever, why not just have a home gym? She owns 8 homes, you’re telling me she can’t put some dumbbells in one of them?

This is the sort of s**t someone does when they need everyone to know how important they are. “Oh, the gym is closed so Taylor Swift can work out, isn’t she special?”

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