‘To Catch a Predator’ Host Chris Hansen Wants to Catch YouTuber Onision

Gregory Jackson, or Onision, has been YouTube-famous for a long time. He is sort of like Logan Paul if Logan Paul was less talented, less physically attractive, less self-aware and everyone thought he was a sexual predator. I mean, everyone probably thinks Logan Paul is a sexual predator but no one has made any actual allegations so far.

If you’ve never heard of Onision, he’s one of those vloggers who makes videos with no production values and no theme, just sort of talking about their own life like they’re Truman fucking Capote and anyone would seriously care. He’s mostly famous for being on Tosh.0 once ten years ago.

I would have rather just been rickrolled. So that’s the sort of thing he does. He also ran a forum focused on “body positivity” which mainly consisted of girls sending him nearly naked pictures of themselves which he would critique. What could go wrong?

So that went wrong.

Onision is what you would call a “drama YouTuber” in that the main reason he’s remained popular is he gets in a bunch of dumb internet fights with other idiot YouTubers. And currently the drama around him is a bunch of women he previously dated accused him of being inappropriately sexual with them when they were underage, allegations that go back to his 2010 relationship with Shiloh, a Canadian popstar.

He’s taking it well, mostly asking for $10k from media outlets for an interview ($350k for Chris Hansen) and posting videos of him screaming and acting like a doofus that look like someone trying to fake being mentally ill.

Literally every video he’s uploaded in the past month or so has a preview image of him crying and holding his face with a title like “I’m really leaving this time” but then there’s 15 videos after it. It’s pretty pathetic.

The thing that struck me the most about Onision looking into this is what an absolute dork he is. One of the allegations floating around is how he flipped out on one of his girlfriends for smoking weed and wanted her to chain herself to a wall in the basement for a week and not see her family for a year as punishment. For smoking pot. Then when she chose to break up with him he made a bunch of passive-aggressive social media posts about how people who smoke pot should die.

He’s like of those annoying straightedge vegans only he keeps getting accused of having sex with minors.

Yeah, PewDiePie doesn’t seem so bad now that you about this guy, does he?

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john john
john john
3 years ago

I think you missed a “know” at your last sentence there buddy.

“… seem so bad now that you “KNOW” about this guy,…?”