Where Are They Now: Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert

Last night’s Golden Globes will be remembered as a big win for Ricky Gervais, but last year’s Golden Globes were a big win for Kelleth Cuthbert, a girl handing out Fiji Water on the red carpet who photobombed her way into our hearts.

A year later, Page Six caught up with up to see what she’s been doing. Long story short she has a podcast and almost 200k Instagram followers.

Cuthbert told us the initial craziness of her viral fame has calmed down over the last year, although it’s been renewed the past couple of days because of the award show.

“It’s still been an exciting year full of very unusual opportunities,” she said. As well as continuing to audition for roles and various modeling jobs, she explained that she’s working with Pacific Pups Rescue and fostered 40 dogs in the past year.

She also told Page Six her lawsuit with Fiji Water over the use of her image hasn’t yet been resolved.

Still, she’s doing very well for someone with no breasts.

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