YG Arrested for Suspected Robbery

It wouldn’t be the first time that a celebrity did something stupid, but this whole thing seems pretty suspicious from the outset. Cops showed up at YG’s house at 4 a.m. today with a search warrant and arrest warrant for a suspected robbery.

It wasn’t just a few cops either, TMZ‘s pictures make it look like the LA County Sheriff’s Department showed up with an army to serve the unsuspecting rapper.

YG was quick to hire big-time attorney Joe Tacopina who’s defended Alex Rodriguez and Michael Jackson, among others. Tacopina had this to say about his client’s arrest:

“This arrest is one that caught YG completely off guard because there is no truth to them. YG has no idea what investigators are talking about and we have not been provided with any details … we are learning about this case through the media. Rest assured, my client will be cleared of all charges, if they even survive past the arraignment.”

Minutes later, Tacopina released a separate statement with more information:

“This has become even more outrageous … normally, in the American justice system, you get arrested after an investigation is completed. The motives here are pretty clear.”

What motives you may ask. Tacopina and rapper The Game have both called out the sheriff’s department for the suspicious timing considering YG is set to perform at the Grammys on Sunday to honor late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Did I miss the part where YG slept with the sheriff’s daughter? Because it really seems like the LA County Sheriff’s Department is out to get him. I’m no lawyer, but this looks from the outside as a pretty clear case of an abuse of power by the LA justice system. The rapper’s bail was set at $250,000, so it’s likely that he is already home and preparing for his Grammy gig.

Since there hasn’t been an announcement about anything found in the raid, it is unlikely there’ll be one, but the cops will certainly find a unicorn at YG’s house before they find the apology that they owe him.

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