You Won’t Be Able to Cash Bhad Bhabie on Instagram Anymore

Danielle Bregoli, A.K.A. Bhad Bhabie, A.K.A. The Cash Me Ousside Girl is tired of people making fun of her “boring white girl trying to make people think she’s a person of color” act and so she’s taking a break from Instagram. Which means that if you want to see a white lady pretending to be a minority now you’ll have to follow Elizabeth Warren.

Here’s what the teen rapper said in her now-deleted Instagram post, via People.

Due to my mental health I will be taking a small break from this app. I hate to say it but y’all won! Congrats mission complete. Y’all made the lil 16 year old completely loose [sic] it! Social media has not only made me who I am but also is every reason I can’t sleep at night. Imagine being called a racist white c— very second of they [sic] day… I show off a tattoo they say I’m tryna b black… I defend myself then boom I’m labeled a racist.

She’s totally “tryna b” black. At least some kind of offensive stereotype of a black person a stand-up comic in 1982 doing act-outs might come up with.

Tell me to my face this little white girl isn’t biting Cardi B’s style.

Everything I do will b considered wrong… image [sic] being me for a second — you just get a cute new wig and wanna show it off then the minute you post your mood is instantly killed bc your comment section if [sic] flooded with ‘this s— wants to be black so bad’ while wearing a straight blonde wig… this s— is really draining.

I don’t really care if she wants to keep Dolezaling, I don’t think anyone does. Just cop to it. You sound like an extra on a TV show about a middle-aged white lady who opens a community center for troubled urban youths, stop acting surprised when people say you’re trying to trick people into thinking you’re black.

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