Amber Heard Trying to Use Discovery for Fishing Expedition to Tie Johnny Depp to Harvey Weinstein

If you weren’t convinced Amber Heard was the bad guy in her marriage to Johnny Depp, there’s more evidence every day. According to Page Six, Heard is looking to use the discovery portion of her defamation trial to go digging through The Weinstein Company’s records for find any correspondence Johnny may have had with social pariah Harvey Weinstein.

The subpoena requests a number of documents, including all “communications between Mr. Depp and Harvey Weinstein.”

It also seeks documents “concerning any act of violence committed by Mr. Depp during the production or promotion of ‘The Libertine,’” a 2004 Weinstein Company-produced flick starring Depp.

Now, far be it from me to wildly speculate about Heard’s motive, but let’s wildly speculate about Heard’s motive. Heard has been been trying to publicly destroy Depp’s reputation while holding herself out as some sort of victim, and a few e-mails with Johnny being nice to Harvey just might do the trick.

I can’t stress enough that we don’t know what happened between Depp and Heard behind closed doors. All we have to judge this situation by is Heard’s prior arrest for domestic abuse, audio of the couple where Heard seemingly confesses to physically assaulting Depp and our own judgement as to what kind of person would date Elon Musk. There’s just really no way to know what happened.

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2 years ago

No indeed. There is no way to know, except for what she herself says in the audios and her deposition. She hit him repeatedly, threw objects at him repeatedly, demeaned him in front of his people and his kids repeatedly, (like any other victim of years of abuse would do), chopped off his finger, withdrew his medication causing him to contract measles 3 times and risk to be dead 3 times, what else??? I don’t suppose this would suffice but might l add that there are police officers and video surveillance debunking every single one of her lies? Oh, l… Read more »

2 years ago

Anyone employing Amber Heard is basically saying domestic violence is OK.

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