Brooks Nader Says She Loves Her Body, We Agree

We’ve known who Brooks Nader is for a while, but a lot of the world was only introduced to her in December when she wore an insanely sheer dress to the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year awards.

That does not leave much to the imagination, thank god.

Nader gave an interview to Fox News recently where she talked about the dress, the event, her career and what it’s like being a Sports Illustrated model.

Nader also told Fox she had a bit of trouble breaking in as a model because she isn’t as slim as the industry is used to, which seems insane because look at her.

I wasn’t ever plus-size or anything. I was just a little curvier than what the New York market for models was used to. I’ve always liked my body. I was bustier growing up. I thought that people would be receptive to that in New York, but it was obviously challenging at first. But now I’m in a really good place, mainly because a brand like “Sports Illustrated” noticed me.

We like her body, too.

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