BTS Fans Got Tina Fey Trending on Twitter… By Asking Who She Is

Normally when someone trends on Twitter these days it’s because they’re dead or they raped someone. One thing I haven’t seen is someone trending on Twitter because no one knows who they are, and yet that’s exactly what happened to Tina Fey who used to be one of the biggest, most high-profile comedic stars in the world.

You see, BTS were on The Tonight Show last night and they’re basically the biggest superstars in the world and they have super dedicated fans. We love the Army, by the way.

The best part of the appearance for me was watching Fallon try and look interested while a few members were speaking Korean and make facial gestures as if he was following along with what they’re saying.

And because they’re such big stars, Fallon also had a clip with Tina Fey on Subway Stories because she’s such a big star.

But it turns out she’s not that famous with BTS fans, and she started trending on Twitter because people who saw her on Fallon were asking who she was.

It’s kind of sad, she was the last good head writer of SNL and we’ve just forgotten her. It’s most likely because 30 Rock left Netflix and now everyone just talks about The Office, which is not as good.

Tina Fey, we remember you. And we’ll be wearing blue and yellow on Saturday.

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