Danny Masterson Denies Dog Killing, Says Ex Has ‘Paranoid Delusions’

It is a wild time to be Danny Masterson. He got fired from The Ranch because a Netflix exec needed to save face and he’s done nothing to make himself look good since.

Then the husband of one his accusers said, with photographic evidence, that “someone” threw rat poison covered in raw beef into their yard and killed their dog.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has quoted his lawyer as calling these allegations and photos and dead pets “paranoid delusions.”

“In what can only be characterized as paranoid delusions, Mr. Masterson’s ex-girlfriends and one of their jealous husbands banded together to concoct these preposterous and bigoted allegations aimed largely against the Church of Scientology,” Brettler writes. “Recognizing that their original claims arising out of their prior, consensual relationships with Mr. Masterson are not only time-barred under the law but also entirely meritless, they turned this case into one about alleged stalking and harassment. Giving these delusional plaintiffs the benefit of the doubt, they have seemingly convinced themselves that every day inconveniences that are commonplace in all large cities, such as having their trashcans go missing, or finding their car doors unlocked, are part of a large conspiracy against them by the Church of Scientology at the direction of one of their parishioners.”

I’m just curious as to who they’re bigoted against? I know Masterson’s character in That 70s Show was mixed-race, but I don’t think that’s real life.

I’m sure that Masterson is right here; bitches do be crazy like that. And I am absolutely not just saying because the Church of Scientology is notoriously litigious.

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