Did Blac Chyna Try to Fake Being Pregnant?

My best friend’s favorite prank is to tell me she’s pregnant on pretty much every April Fool’s Day that’s happened since I met her. It’s a lot less effective since I stopped sleeping with her, though. Whoever is sleeping with Blac Chyna must have been relieved when they found out the sonogram she posted on Instagram was fake, though.

You see, Blac Chyna posted a picture of an ultrasound with the message “Blessed 2020.” Then she deleted it. And it turns out it wasn’t her ultrasound, it was originally posted by this Russian woman.

Why would she do this? We have literally no idea. She’s made no reference to it. She didn’t follow it up in any way, just posting a video about how brown her eyes are.

So what’s up? I don’t know why Blac Chyna would pretend to be pregnant, but I can’t think of any reason why she would post a stolen sonogram picture and then delete it other than to pretend to be pregnant.

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