Disney Moves ‘Love, Simon’ TV Series to Hulu Because Gays Aren’t Family-Friendly

Love, Simon

Disney really wants you to think they are LGBT friendly and are doing their best to give representation to LGBT people. They don’t. They do not give a s**t about the LGBT community, they just want those sweet, sweet rainbow dollar bills.

We’ve seen this song and dance from Disney before. Remember when they promised there would be unprecedented LGBT preparation in The Last Skywalker and then it was a scene lasting one second of some extras kissing in the background that was cut from homophobic markets? Well Lucy pulled the football out again as Disney announced they were pulling their Love, Simon series, now called Love, Victor, from Disney+ and shunting it off to bastard stepchild streaming service Hulu because it’s not “family friendly.”

Here’s what Variety reported about Disney’s motivation.

Sources also note that Disney felt many issues explored on the show, including alcohol use and sexual exploration, would not fit in with the family-friendly content on Disney Plus.

The Simpsons and The Mandalorian are on Disney+. The Simpsons has about a hundred episodes about alcohol use, including one where Homer and Bart become bootleggers after Bart gets drunk on St. Patrick’s Day. There’s also an episode where Homer and Marge start getting off on being caught during sex and up running home naked. They also have The Simpsons Movie which shows Bart’s penis. As for The Mandalorian, spoilers, but Baby Yoda roasts a Stormtrooper to death with his own flamethrower.

They clearly pushed this show to Hulu because they don’t think gay people existing is family friendly. Which makes them less progressive than South Park, who we’ve been hearing for years poisoned the minds of an entire generation. In the season 18 finale, Butters told Kyle his Christmas idea was gay, Kyle said he was going for wholesome and Butters relied “Gay is wholesome.” Disney doesn’t think gay is wholesome. They just keep telling you they’re adding LGBT characters to films and then only show that through a throw-away line they can cut out for China.

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2 years ago

Maybe the reviews of the show just came back bad, and that is why. At the end of the day, Disney is all about taking our $$$. That is all they care about. Disney is a greedy beast.

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