Harvey Weinstein Trial Looks Like It Will Revolve Around Whether or Not a Woman Had an Orgasm

Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial has become more of a public spectacle than anyone thought was actually possible before it started, and it really seemed likely that it would be a spectacle. But I don’t think anyone was expecting to hear that Harvey has a deformed dick and no balls.

Jessica Mann gave very vivid, moving testimony about Weinstein and how he has to use an injected drug to get his dick hard and that she faked an orgasm when he forced her to let him go down on her.

But Weinstein’s defense team countered her testimony with the testimony of Mann’s roommate Talita Maia, who essentially disputed every word of Mann’s testimony, except for the parts about Weinstein having a tiny, deformed, broken penis that smells like literal s**t. So, you know, worked out well for Harvey.

According to Page Six, Maia testified that Mann called Weinstein her soulmate, never told her that he had raped her at the time she alleged it happened, and said Mann called the orgasm she testified to having faked as being “the best I ever had.”

The witness, who was Mann’s roommate in Los Angeles, claimed that her former friend “seemed to really like [Weinstein] as a person.

“She said a few times that he was her spiritual soulmate,” said Maia, adding that Mann never told her the producer hurt or raped her.

Weinstein seems to be presenting a narrative portraying Mann as accusing him of rape because he rejected her, which seems like it would be a better defense if not for all the deformed broken dick stuff. Jurors saw naked pictures of Weinstein show by the prosecution that apparently re-enforced Mann’s description of him.

Harvey has never been described as someone with the kind of personality that would lead a partner to overlook his physical flaws, either. He has a reputation as a mean son of a bitch who thinks he’s a genius, not some smooth, charming womanizer. Everyone knew for decades that Weinstein was basically always seen with beautiful women only because they thought it would be good for their careers but in most cases it turns out that having sex with a producer to get a role doesn’t mean you can act and usually indicates the opposite.

Weinstein’s case now seems to boil down to “he said, she said.” So what do you believe? That Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of rape and other forms of sexual misconduct by many, many women was in a consensual sexual relationship with this attractive young actress and that a woman whose biggest role to date was as an extra on Big Time Rush almost a decade ago voluntarily slept with him, possibly to help her career, and then accused him of raping her once he was exposed as an alleged predator as a plot to get even with him? Or that Weinstein felt so entitled to sex as a powerful producer that he just forced himself on her as he allegedly did with many other women? They both sound plausible to me.

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