Jameela Jamil and Piers Morgan‘s Social Media Fight to Determine Who is the Worst Person in All of Britain

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The Patriots or the Cowboys. Jake or Logan Paul. Khloe or Kourtney Kardashian. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Sometimes it’s hard to know who sucks worse. But get ready because we’re about to enter the thunderdome of insufferable assholes as Jameela Jamil and Piers Morgan are fighting on Twitter.

It started with Piers sharing a private message he had with Caroline Flack, a TV host who recently committed suicide.

Jameela Jamil is having a lot to say about online harassment, so in the interests of balance, here is a message Caroline Flack sent me last October after the same Jameela Jamil led an online pile-on against her regarding a new TV show she was doing.

It’s kind of a cheap shot, but this is Piers Morgan we’re talking about here. At least he wasn’t posting private conversations between Jameela and Caroline.

Jamil shot back because of course she did.

I simply said I found the show “surjury” (not her) problematic for kids to watch. And that love island needed some more diversity. Both times Caroline instigated debate with ME even though I was not targeting or blaming her at all. I always just politely explained my point.

Piers Using a dead woman who I was friends with, as a weapon to try to create further harassment for me as I’ve JUST explained publicly that last week I felt suicidal… is why he is this industry’s most problematic . My criticizing a *show* did not aim any hate at Caroline.

I’m gonna disagree with Jameela because if what Piers is doing is targeting her then what she was doing was targeting Caroline as the face of the shows she was crusading against for clout.

Morgan continued his barbs Monday, and if I was writing his tweet as dialogue in a book I would follow it up with “he smugly oozed our if punchable fucking face, even if he wasn’t entirely wrong,”

Delighted to see Jameela Jamil has miraculously found the strength from her myriad afflictions to brand me a ‘bullying parasite’.
This is such a valuable contribution to the #BeKind movement & I wish her well with her continued recovery from Hypocritical Twerp Syndrome. 🙏

Please don’t ask me to choose who is the bigger asshole here. Sophie had a less difficult choice.

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