#JusticeForJohnnyDepp Is Twitter’s Number One Trend As Amber Heard Allegedly Confesses to Beating Johnny Depp in New Audio Tape

It’s Super Bowl weekend, the Iowa caucus is on Monday and we’re in the middle of the third presidential impeachment trial in American history so obviously the number one thing people are talking about on social media is Johnny Depp.

New audio surfaced of a conversation between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard that appears to pretty definitively prove that Heard was the abuser in their relationship and Depp is the victim, which is what we’ve believed for quite some time now.

In the audio obtained by the Daily Mail, Heard can heard telling Depp that while she admits to “beating” him, she didn’t use a closed fist to do so, so she didn’t punch him, and told him “You are such a baby, grow the f**k up,” for complaining about her hitting him, and also admits to throwing pots and pans at him.

Yeah, it doesn’t look great for Heard.

People are very angry about this because Heard was made into some sort of spokesperson for domestic abuse, giving speeches at the Women’s March and the U.N. about being a survivor. Now she appears to be a perpetrator and Depp, who has been publicly besieged for years and lost his gig in Pirates of the Caribbean over the abuse allegations looms like the victim.

Of course, there will be months and months of courtroom hearings and more evidence will be introduced. We could be back here in a few months talking about a tape of Depp admitting he was the aggressor. I sincerely doubt that will happen, and this audio does seem pretty damning, especially Heard’s attitude about her behavior, which is along the lines of “well, sometimes people get hit and have pots thrown at them and lose their fingertip. What”s the big deal?” But really, anything could come out. We’ll just have to wait and see and hope that justice wins out.

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