Mike Tyson Will F**k You Up If You Joke About His Daughter

It is generally not smart to f**k with Mike Tyson. You know, unless you’re Buster Douglas, then have at it, Hoss. But for you and I, not smart. And it’s especially not smart to joke about Tyson’s daughter.

Comedian Michael Blackson learned this the hard way after he posted a picture of a story claiming Tyson was offering ten million dollars for someone to marry his daughter. It seems like a fake story because I don’t care what Pigeon and Marcus say, Yung Hee is really cute.

Blackson posted a picture of a DM conversation he says he had with the champ in a now-deleted Instagram post, and let’s just say it didn’t go well for him.

Blackson sent this message to Mike:

If this is true, I think I’m finally ready to settle down. I known I’ve been dipping n dapping a few snow bunnies and Asian persuasion but I’m ready for your beautiful queen. I’m ready to give u some grand kids that will have the complexion of Tyson Bedford, knowledge pf Cicely Tyson, talk like you Mike Tyson and hopefully not built like Tyson Fury. I really don’t give a f**k about the money but I’ll take it. Waiting to hear from you father in law sir.

Here’s the reply he got:

Listen u black little bitch, this s**t ain’t real and soon as I find the person that started that meme, imma knock them the f**k out so make sure it ain’t you burnt roach looking bitch. My daughter is happily in a relationship with a nice looking man so she’s not interested in an overcooked hotdog like you. Next time you do my podcast, imma knock the black off u, it might take a year because you black as f**k. Gtfo my dm before I get your black ass deported you geico lizard looking bitch.

I would not do his podcast if I were Blackson. Then again this could all be made up, and I hope it is because otherwise I’m about to get my ass kicked by Mike for making a joke about his daughter being Yung Hee a few paragraphs back.

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